Friday, September 19, 2008

The Terpsichorean Muse...

I like music, I think I can say honestly. I'm not a huge music geek, but I've, you know, heard things. I love me some Tom Waits, and Beethoven, And Marty Robbins. I love it all.

But every once in a while I find something special, that flips my happy switch and makes the whole damned thing seem so much nicer.

Here're a few of those for me.

My Happy Songs. Let Me Show You Them.
(Warning, Youtubery ahead)

First up, we have the world's first Virtual Pop Idol (Ahhh...Japan) Miku Hatsune, with the Levan Polkka:

It just makes me grin like an idiot, is what it does. More traditional versions are good, too.

Next up is The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain, with a whole hat full of WIN.

It hits me right about HERE.
Their gala version of Life on Mars is fantastic, too.

Last up--maybe my favorite song of all time.
The Gourds, with a little help from Snoop Dogg. (NSFW language)

Seriously. Epic, EPIC music.
(N.B. I just changed the video to get a better quality song. The video's retarded...just listen. Listen REAL GOOD.)
So how about you? You got any happy music?


Andy said...

OK I've been having a good think about this one .... first video is one that I found and the boy I work with at school has fallen in love with:

Click the link - can't embed in comments!

The best part is that I understand most of the BSL these days! Yey!!!

I'll find more!

Andy said...

This one reminds me of a time where lots of fun was had (what I can recall of it) and friendships made. It makes me sad too - I miss you mate.


Big Jim said...

Oh man...good times indeed. The memories are fuzzy, for some odd reason.

Miss you too, mate.