Thursday, April 8, 2010


I'm feeling against. Anti.
I can't say why but hey, it happens. People piss you off, the weather changes, you don't get enough sleep, whatever, and you just get out of it. So I'm out of it.

Part of the problem is that I honestly don't have a community. I'm fairly isolated here, I've got my family it's true, and that is a wonderful place, but nothing else. No friends, no drinking buddies, no bullshit pals. wife, and the net.

And the net is...the net. I haven't found a real community that fits me online, either. There are hobbies, but it seems like so many people in those hobbies just don't really match me emotionally or mentally. Too much ignorance, too much ego, too much aggression and petty little nonsense. It turns me off. I have no PATIENCE for it anymore.

It's not even a political thing, though that sets it off. It's just...people. Being dicks.

Of course, the response is to find a community here, with real people, but that's not much worse. The English speaking crowd here is even worse than the internet communities, a bunch of immature drunks. And the Japanese? Apart from the language barrier, there's the interest barrier. I have NOTHING in common with anyone I know. I despair of dealing with people.

I miss Andy...

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