Friday, February 11, 2011

A New Project, and A New Story

I'm a writer in the sense that I write stuff. I have to. I

I don't do it for money or for recognition, it's just the way I express myself. But of course, it's always more fun when people read what you write, and a little extra cash never hurt anyone. I've submitted stories to magazines, but I keep getting rejections--not bad ones, actually, they've always been "Your story is good but it's not quite right for our magazine" or something of the sort.

So I figured hey-why not go out on my own? If I can get a few people reading, it'll be fun and I won't have to fear rejection so much.

So I've started to post previews of my stories on a special blog I keep reserved for things in my life that don't revolve around steel and stones. And for those who want to read more, I've put up a "Pay what you can" PayPal button, where you can buy the whole story for whatever you think is fair. If you don't think it's worth money, then I'd be happy to send it for free.

So take a look at my first story, an epic fantasy short called Dueling Ground. Spread it around, tell people who might like fantasy, and if you like the story then I wouldn't mind if you kicked a buck or two into the bucket.


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