Friday, March 11, 2011

Earthquake **UPDATE**

Now that things have gotten a little calmer, I just want to update.

We here in Yamaguchi are TOTALLY SAFE. Our friends and family are all accounted for, and there wasn't even a shake here, so please don't worry.

If you would like to do something for all the families who have lost so much, I would encourage you to give to the Red Cross.

Other than that, all we can do is hope that the worst is over, and give our support to those who are really in need of it.

Take care of each other.


Mr. S. said...

Make sure you locate some potassium-iodide! My longer explanation is here, and I included product pictures:

JimR said...

Thank you for your extremely helpful, yet terrifying to contemplate, advice.

I'll be looking.