Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Brother, Can you Spare Five Cents a Word?

I've been writing things for a long time.
Anyone know how I can get some money out of it?

I've got a good job, my wife and I make enough to live pretty darned comfortably, but every once in a while I think--the time I put into (sometimes sporadically) maintaining three blogs, writing articles for someone else's SF blog and making guides to honing and using straight razors, all for free just might be time I could use to make a little money...but still do the same thing.

I guess I should look into freelance writing work, but honestly--what kind of market would I be looking at? Who publishes stories about living in small-town Japan, or using traditional techniques to sharpen straight razors, or all the other random things I write about?

If anyone knows, I'm all ears. Or eyes, I guess, as you'd be posting the info here. But anyway, I think I should look into this freelance writing thing, my personal spending could really benefit from it.

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