Thursday, July 3, 2008


So I don't know what got into me yesterday. Weird. Maybe I need to get more vitamins.
Anyway, I'm not taking it down--it's not so bad, I reckon, but hey...


I decided to extend my tenure on the FSFHOWW. Maybe it'll help. I sure would like to get something published. I've been waiting for a reply from Abyss and Apex for a while. Come on guys!

Really, I need to stop screwing around and get my latest story polished and posted. It would be nice to get some help on that one. It has potential, I think. It's a Japanese Ghost Story. I would really like to work more Japanese culture and concepts into my writing, but it almost feels dishonest. I live here, but I'm not Japanese...but there's so damn much White Guy fiction out there already! Won't I just be propagating the White Male Hegemony by contributing to the surfeit of privilege with which we Caucasian Men are showered?

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